Ming Horn

Founder, Teacher, All Arounder

Ming has been addicted to computers since the first time she got her hands on them at age 6. Since then, her computer has become an extension of her body and it's a rare phenomenon to see her without it. She's been doing web development for about 6 years. While not coding, she enjoys reading, playing viola, listening to all types of music, and playing sports. This was her 6th visit to Cambodia.

Uma Krishnan

Curriculum Developer

Uma is a coder, dreamer, dancer and leader of social change in her community. She started coding after being part of the Twitter Girls Who Code program and went on to write a medical diary app for seniors, founded a large coding club for girls and is developing a coding program for elementary school kids. She is working on expanding KhodeUp to girls in the slums of Bangalore, India where she volunteers at the Hope Foundation school. Uma is the ASB President at high school, started a dance team called Burlingame Bollywood 8 years ago to teach ethnic dance for free to promote cultural understanding and tolerance.

Charlotte Dubach-Reinhold

State-Side Aide

Charlotte has very strong interests in many aspects of science, technology, fine arts, and education. She has traveled to many countries recently including, Ethiopia and Kenya. Charlotte hopes to use her personal experiences with education to create a structure for introducing new concepts, materials, and even ways of life to underprivileged kids. This year Charlotte picked up coding and web design in Berkeley High's chapter of the Girls Who Code club. Her other passions include: watercolor painting and pen drawing.

Advisory Board

Ashley Gavin

CEO Ashley Gavin Consulting

James Pierce

WW Technical Sales Leader at IBM Corporation and eGlobal Family President

Sokhon Phuong

GPS Engineer at MKS Instruments Inc, Utica, NY

Srun Porleang

Education Director of FLOW