Vision & Curriculum

Our Vision

The KhodeUp program aims to give these kids a skill that would put them at the forefront of an exploding market.

We will be teaching them basic web design skills that they’ll then be able to build off of and market to businesses in Cambodia. Over the course of 4 weeks 20-40 teens will learn HTML, CSS, and the basics of JavaScript and design.

Our long term vision includes providing the support these teens need to start their own web design business. This means helping them learn any kind of skill they need by directing them towards online tutorials, teaching them ourselves through Skype, or connecting them to people who are experienced in that area. Additionally we’d like to provide incentive for teaching other underprivileged kids basic coding skills.


We will teach the basics of HTML/CSS, design, and JavaScript in the first two weeks, and then will form them into more teams to work on their final project. The final project consists of them having to design and code a responsive website in two weeks according to a client dossier. This will hopefully give them a taste of what it's like -- designing for a client and help them to expand and develop skills in frameworks, APIs, and general coding and design.

  • Week One: Intro To HTML/CSS and Design
  • Week Two: Intro To JavaScript
  • Week Three: Team Creation and Intro To Final Project
  • Week Four: Final Project